This profile or template will synchronize data from Salesforce Cloud Conversion objects to QuickBooks and vice-versa. The DBSync App and Cloud Conversion package are required to be installed in Salesforce instance.

If the client needs the ReceivePayments information to be integrated into a Custom Object, then the Custom Object of Payments has to be configured in the Salesforce Instance.

Cloud Conversion & Quickbooks Integration Template / Profile helps you sync data between Cloud Conversion Salesforce objects and QuickBooks. It helps you streamline your data, automate your business process, ensure data accuracy between Salesforce and QuickBooks and eliminate redundancy of data entry. To use this Profile, DBsync application & Cloud Conversion

Salesforce package should be installed on your Salesforce instance. The template accounts for the following entity mappings:

  • Salesforce Contacts to QuickBooks Customer
  • Salesforce B2CProducts to QuickBooks Items (Service, Inventory, NonInventory,OtherCharge)
  • Salesforce Order to Transactions (Invoice, SalesOrder, SalesReceipt, Estimate,CreditMemo)
  • QuickBooks Invoice to Salesforce Invoice

You can also build / develop custom mappings for this profile. DBSync fully supports creation of custom mappings as per your Business Needs.

This profile supports almost all major versions of Salesforce: Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Salesforce Enterprise Edition, and the Non-Profit Edition of Salesforce as well.

This Profile Supports All Major versions of QuickBooks: QuickBooks 2008 and later US, QuickBooks 2008 UK, Canada and Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Versions of Salesforce this Profile Support?

It supports almost all major versions of Salesforce Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Enterprise Edition, and the Non-Profit Edition.

What Versions of QuickBooks this profile supports?

Following versions of QuickBooks are supported by DBSync:

  • QuickBooks 2008 and Later US
  • QuickBooks 2008 UK, Canada and Australia